Online cataloguing software for bibliophiles

You can never have too many books. But as your collection grows, keeping track of what’s on your shelves – and where – can start to prove problematic. Simple Little Library System gives you everything you need to get organised.

An online catalogue accessible from anywhere

There’s no doubt that building up a library is immensely satisfying – whether for research, writing, blogging, or simply your own enjoyment. But because private collections are often built up piecemeal, and space can be at a premium, it’s all too easy to lose track of things.

Perhaps you’d like to find all the books you own by a particular author, or featuring a particular artist. Or you’d like to pluck out a reference to a title that you last examined years ago. Where to start?

By cataloguing your books in Simple Little Library System, you’ll have a searchable record of your entire collection at your fingertips. Our software will run in the web browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. It has an easy-to-use searching tool, or you can browse by particular authors, publishers, subjects and more.

Most importantly, our AutoCat tool will make cataloguing your collection a breeze.

Woman reaching for book on shelf
Easily keep track of your collection
Laptop with bookshelves

All you need is an ISBN

Simple Little Library System has an automatic cataloguing tool called AutoCat. You can use AutoCat to download bibliographic details like the title, author, edition and publisher for books straight into your library catalogue, with data provided by Google, Library Hub Discover and others. AutoCat will automatically create one copy located in your usual library space. It also adds the front cover or jacket image so you can recognise your books more readily.  Think of the time you can save! Barcode scanners make this job even faster.

Customisable and easy-to-use

Simple Little Library System is intuitive, logical and easy-to-use from the start, as our existing customers will tell you. Even so, you’re free to personalise it with your own logo, colours, terminology and an unlimited number of custom data fields for titles. An online help guide and technical support are always available.

You’re also more than welcome to try before you buy, with a personalised, no-obligation free trial.

Still not sure?

Hear Kim’s experience of her free 30-day library software trial and why she went on to choose Simple Little Library System.

Kim tried Simple Little Library System and found she could phone or email support and speak with a named individual who knew what they were talking about.

At the end of the trial she decided to go ahead because she felt that Bailey Solutions’ team was keen to help.