Catalogue software for your book collection

Have you ever accidentally purchased the same thing twice?

Simple Little Library System is designed for collectors who need to consult their book collection anywhere, any time and on any device. Never accidentally acquire the same thing twice again!

Keep on top of your book collection

You are a collector of books, DVDs, films, journals, art or photographs and you have your own private library.

You need catalogue software to keep track of all the items in your collection. This helps you avoid acquiring the same thing twice. Although you can go to your shelves and check, sometimes you are out at a shop, auction or a fair where you can’t access your physical collection.

With Simple Little Library System you can access your catalogue via your mobile and search for items in your collection.

What could be easier?

Man looking at books which can be catalogued onto an online catalogue using library software
Easily keep track of your collections
Library System for private collectors
Simple Little Library System is the ideal software to catalogue your collections
Woman reaching for book on shelf

Perhaps you find it time consuming to catalogue your collection? We can help!

Simple Little Library System has an automatic cataloguing tool called AutoCat. You can use AutoCat to download bibliographic details like title, author, edition and publisher for books straight into your library catalogue. AutoCat also automatically creates one copy located in your usual library space. It adds the front book cover image so you can recognise your books more readily.  Think of the time you can save! 

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Still not sure?

Hear Kim’s experience of her free 30-day library software trial and why she went on to choose Simple Little Library System.

Kim tried Simple Little Library System and found she could phone or email support and speak with a named individual who knew what they were talking about.

At the end of the trial she decided to go ahead because she felt that Bailey Solutions’ team was keen to help.