Wonde integration with Simple Little Library System

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Simple Little Library System works with Wonde to make your life easier

Integrating with Wonde couldn't be simpler

Should you opt for Wonde integration, we’ll carry out all the work necessary to get it set up. All you’ll need to do is give the OK and confirm how much data should be sent to SLLS. Of course, you’ll still be able to review your data to make sure everything has transferred through as it should, and manually alter it later if needed.

Wonde integration is available for just £100+ VAT per year. It can be added to your existing package at any time. Contact us today to find out more.

With Wonde, your school library users are always up-to-date

Wonde removes all the hassle from managing your list of library users in Simple Little Library System. Every night, SLLS can send a request via Wonde to your school’s Management Information System (MIS), and will add, remove and alter library users automatically and seamlessly.

This means no more moving children around between different classes and school years in September. No danger of forgetting to add any new students to your list of borrowers. And absolutely no frustratingly duplicated admin work for you to carry out – freeing your valuable time so that you can get on with running the library.

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