Siskinds law firm chose Simple Little Library System

Kate McCandless - Siskinds

I will always recommend SLLS as a cost-effective and adaptable solution for managing electronic resources to my colleagues. SLLS allows the admin to completely configure the software for any librarys needs. If you are looking for an access point and reference OPAC, this is it.

Abersychan School

Abersychan School logo

“It is easy to navigate, and needs to be because I am getting on and not an IT whizz! If I can use it, anyone can. I am so glad that I chose this system because it really does make light work of running the library. ” Susan Davies Abersychan School Before using Simple Little […]

Grace Lutheran School

Read why Grace Lutheran School switched to Simple Little Library System to manage their school library “Simplicity of the system sold it for me- the catalog doesn’t have a vast number of fields we will never use. The system is easy and the support and conversion teams are fantastic.” “I can process books from my couch […]

Evangelical Alliance

Kim found that Simple Little Library System was very good value because it could do everything that her previous system could do (and possibly a little bit more) for a much lower price.​ “Great customer support” Kim Walker Evangelical Alliance London, UK Tweet Without any prior warnings Kim was faced with a steep price increase […]

Shiplake College

When Sally arrived at Shiplake College she found the existing system irritating to use because it was ‘clunky’. Students and teachers also found it difficult to use. Sally didn’t want to pay for training for a system she already didn’t like. “Affordable library software” Sally Bayley Thinking Space, Shiplake CollegeOxfordshire, UK Tweet Sally did her […]

Ashtons Legal

“I cannot stress enough how easy SLLS is to use, and how much the online cloud system benefited us. There were so many benefits to us changing/updating to a new system.” Kimberley BrownKnowledge & Information AdministratorAshtons Legal, UK Tweet Before going live with Simple Little Library System When I joined the firm we were using […]