Online Catalogue for Collectors

£15.00 excl. tax / month with a 30-day free trial

Create an online catalogue of anything you collect: books, journals, articles, CDs, tapes, toys, films, music and more!

Consult your online catalogue when you are out and about. Avoid buying the same thing twice!

  • Online catalogue for collectors
  • Nothing to pay for the first 30 days
  • Cancel if you change your mind before the first payment
  • Monthly subscription
  • Minimum of 12 payments

It’s fast and easy!

If you need more information, contact us.

Only available to private collectors and individuals.


Our online library catalogue for collectors is ideal for individuals with private collections who don’t lend or share their resources.

Have you ever accidentally purchased the same thing twice?

Online library catalogue for collectors from Simple Little Library System helps you create an online catalogue of any media: books, CDs, films, tapes, toys, videos, music – anything you collect!

Our package designed for individuals who need to consult their collection anywhere, any time and on any device. Never buy the same thing twice again!


  • AutoCat – for fast cataloguing
  • Mobile responsive
  • Change field names
  • Add new fields
  • 1 Admin licence
  • 2,000 titles
  • Add more capacity as require
  • Online help centre for 24/7 access to help articles and videos

Read more here: Collectors Package

This package is only available to individuals. It is not available to dealers, businesses or associations.

Terms and conditions apply: Free trials



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