How user friendly is your library software?

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How user friendly is your library software? All library software vendors will describe their product as “user friendly”, but how can you determine if a product meets this claim? This article explains how to find out if a product is truly user friendly. Checking usability in each area of the library software What is “usability”? […]

Library software licences explained

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Library software licences explained This article explains the different types of licences available for library software. When purchasing library software, the traditional model for software licences has been a licence “in perpetuity”. In other words the licensee can use the software forever. Unlike a computer or other property, software licences can not usually be transferred […]



Library software – Frequently Asked Questions Answers to common questions about our software and running a library system This article provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about starting a library, using library software, switching to SLLS, and what’s involved in getting everything up and running. Whether you’re a new librarian looking […]

Why you shouldn’t use ISBNs as item barcodes

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Using the ISBN as a book’s barcode, and why you definitely shouldn’t Let’s say that you’re faced with organising a brand new library. There are several stacks of books about the place, empty shelves, and a barcode scanner sitting ready for your itchy trigger finger. You know that, if each book in your library has […]

Is open source library software really free?

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Is open source library software really free? Open source library software – software for which the source code has been made available for modification and distribution by its creators –  is promoted as an inexpensive or even free alternative to purchasing library software licences. But is open source library software really a free or low […]

How do I switch library systems?

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How do I switch library systems? Switching library systems is easy, if you follow this tried and tested process Are you worried about moving to a new library system? That you’ll have to spend hours re-keying data into your new system? Or that your data will get muddled up? Well, you needn’t worry. We have […]

How to choose a library system

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How to choose a library system With many library systems on the market, how do you choose the right library system? So, maybe you have already taken the decision to replace your library system, because the support and maintenance costs are high, or your present system no longer meets your requirements. You are now faced […]

Why would you buy new library software?

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Why would you buy new library software? Why would you buy relatively new library software when there are lots of tried and trusted products that have been around for 10 to 20 years? All products have a life cycle, and with computer software products this cycle is even more pronounced. In the last thirty years […]