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Our library software  packages are designed by a librarian for small to medium libraries like primary school libraries, legal libraries, business libraries, church libraries, community libraries, prison libraries, health libraries, architect libraries, individual collectors and more. 

We’ve helped over a thousand libraries in the UK and worldwide

Rachel White

Librarian, Gilbert Inglefield Academy

"We moved from a large, corporate-driven management system. The difference in SLLS is having a very similar product without the commercialism and with cost saving benefits. We love its simplicity"

Helen Polydorou

Librarian, Junior & Senior School

"We ended up with a brilliantly simple, user friendly, logical system that is adaptable to any end user and is fun to use"

Philip Palmer

ICT Network Manager, Parsloes School

"This has has been a fantastic experience. The kids love it as they can browse for, return and reserve books on their iPads anywhere in the school. This is the simplest library system I have used"

Three good reasons why you should think about switching your library software system today

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Kim was frustrated with the lack of help she received from her old supplier. Then she learned her supplier was putting up prices.

Kim tried Simple Little Library System and found she could phone or email support and speak with a named individual who knew what they were talking about.