Jason was tasked with finding a new school library system on a small budget. The new system should be quick and easy to set up and simple for the staff at school to learn and maintain.

"School library software that benefits the school and the children."

Jason Tillman
St Michael's RC Primary School
Chatham Doe, UK

“Just right for our budget”

The main features required were to to catalogue books, check-out and check-in books and to manage library users.

“Quick and easy”

The 30-day free trial was set up quickly after Jason provided some basic information. The team at St Michael’s RC Primary School had access to a Support helpline to answer any queries they had, as well as an online Help Centre with how-to videos and written content.

During the trial Jason and his team had a good look at SLLS and used the opportunity to test the cataloguing and loan and return features. At the end of the 30-day free trial, the staff were confident that they used all the SLLS features they had chosen to their fullest potential.

Jason found that the school benefits hugely from having a system like SLLS because the technology makes the library more streamlined, with the children able to borrow and return books by themselves.

He also really liked the fact that he can tailor the look and feel of SLLS by changing the different components and layout of the OPAC.