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"I cannot stress enough how easy SLLS is to use, and how much the online cloud system benefited us. There were so many benefits to us changing/updating to a new system."

Before going live with Simple Little Library System

When I joined the firm we were using PenLib, which was very hard to navigate. My main issue was how it seemed so outdated, the look was very grey and dull.

After around a month with the firm, my line manager mentioned that we were switching over to SLLS – an online based system which was more up to date with our needs.

Before going live to our firm, I had an opportunity to get to grips with SLLS. I experimented with how to make labels and circulation slips with a cut of our firm’s data from PenLib. This was very helpful as I could explore the whole of SLLS without the worry that I may delete a piece of information, because the final cut of data would re-add anything I had accidentally deleted.

Before we went live there were a few things that were available to us to help us get to grips with the new system. One of the things that we did was attend an online seminar, which were provided by Penny. These explained where certain things were on the system and talked you through the different things available to you. For example, we were shown how you can look at the different changes made within an update. You could also ask questions via the online seminar.

There are a lot of benefits to using SLLS

There are videos provided on SLLS you can watch through the SLLS Help Centre and there are now written help articles you can also access via the SLLS Help Centre.

It was also easier because it was online, as I was able to access it from my home computer without having to log in through my company’s system.

Whenever I had a question and emailed Bao, our main contact, we received emails back promptly. Any issue I have ever had with SLLS has been resolved, even after the switch from PenLib to SLLS.

One of the main things for me is how it is a lot nicer to work with in terms of the way it looks. If I have a lot of cataloguing to do, I am looking at a nice up to date web page not a grey screen.

I mentioned before how I can access it from home without logging into our company system, but the fact it is online stops a lot of computer faults. In the past I tried to access PenLib and many times ended up phoning our IT maintenance, as I could not get into it. This was not PenLib at fault but one of our servers needed updating. Therefore, if I wanted to use PenLib, I would have to completely log out of that server and hope that I would be re-joined to a different one.


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